It was an elegant experience like an oasis of peace harmonized by the tranquil atmosphere. The entertainment was very good along with exceptional food and facilities. All the staff members were cheerful, courteous and always happy to help..

Facilities in TREAT Restaurant and Bar

  • It has three separated stories according to your desires:-
      On the 1st floor : - Treat Bar
      On the 2nd floor : - Varuna Party Hall and Coffee Bar
      On the 3rd floor : - Jannat Lounge
  • All three floors are air-conditioned.
  • It is a delightful and peaceful place.
  • In comparison to most expensive hotels, it is affordable.

TREAT Restaurant and Bar

In the restaurant we offer a balanced and interesting range of meals at reasonable prices. Everyday you will find a choice of starters, main courses and in the bar we offer all kinds of wines and cocktails at lower prices. Yours being here will be great.

Varuna Party Hall and Coffee Bar

For organizing seminars, discussing business plans, meeting etc, there is separate hall in which there is soothing and impressive atmosphere.

Jannat Lounge

With soothing environment, a place will be yours to relax and to throw a party.